COVID-19 Update for Volunteering

Do you have creative and interesting ideas? How about enthusiasm for a particular subject or hobby? Do you just enjoy interacting with youth? Any of these qualities are a great foundation to start building your volunteer experience with the Boys & Girls Clubs! Listed below are some ways you can help be a part of our Club. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington we strive to create positive matches between our Clubs’ needs and the interests and abilities of potential volunteers. Our application/interview process is designed to help us make those matches.

College Prep Virtual Workshops

The skills needed to comfortably navigate life beyond middle/high school are diverse and all equally important. With your help you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand in areas that may otherwise not be covered in a teen’s school curriculum. 

As a Workshop Volunteer you have the ability to lend your knowledge on your own specialized skill set to teens who may otherwise have to work through many unknowns without any good place to start. 

Food Distribution

With many families still in need of food in these trying times Boys & and Girls Clubs are dedicated to ensuring that these families still have access to food. Food Distribution Volunteers will be a fundamental part in this effort.

Food Distribution Volunteers will be asked to transport food from the Clark County Food Bank to Clubs for distribution or organization. Volunteers also have the opportunity to work directly with our community by handing out food to any family who comes to our pop up pantries. This can also include helping families select items, carrying items to their cars, restocking items, and keeping track of numbers of people in each family. 



Many of our members are in need of positive role models and would benefit greatly from the individual attention of a caring adult. A mentor is paired with a club member to meet on a weekly basis. We ask mentors to make a minimum time commitment of one hour per week for a full school year. A set appointment time will be agreed upon by the mentor, the member’s guardian, and the Club member. Activities during the mentoring session will differ upon both the member and the mentor. Anything that offers positive reinforcement to the member and signals to them that they have the respect and admiration of an accomplished adult will do wonders for the member.


Power Hour and Power Surge, our after school homework help programs for 1st-5th graders and 6th-12th graders, are always in need of volunteers to help members with their homework . For those members in need of extra or more personalized educational assistance, one-on one tutoring opportunities exist. Tutors are asked to commit a minimum of three months to meet with a member at a set time determined by the tutor, the member’s guardian, and the Club member.

Volunteer Application Process

To find out how to get involved with your local Boys & Girls Clubs please contact the Volunteer Coordinator; email:

Before volunteer employment begins, volunteers will be required to fill out an application and attend a group or individual orientation meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator. This orientation will cover our volunteer expectations, the Club’s core ideals, Club programming, discipline procedures, etc.

Volunteer Coordinators


Chandler Morgan

Volunteer Coordinator