A Mission of Hope and Opportunity

Our Clubs are designed to inspire and enable young people to become responsible, productive, caring citizens; to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams; and to provide young people with the resources to succeed.

A Focus on Young People Who Need Us Most

We serve all school-age youth who have the fewest resources and face the greatest obstacles. Young people from difficult economic, social, and family situations are our first priority. If we do not serve them, who will?

A Unique System of Informal Guidance

Our Clubs are more than just a building or a program; they are a unique system of informal guidance where kids are free to make their own choices and encouraged to openly seek assistance from adults who only want the best for them.

An Ongoing Relationship With Caring Adults

Our staff members are youth development professionals. Their first job is to develop positive relationships and serve as role models. Above all, youth development professionals help young people reach their fullest potential.

A Philosophy of Youth Development

Club staff foster members’ self-worth by encouraging a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and influence.

A Commitment To Character

Our Clubs must teach — through word and deed — the importance of living honorably. Through programs, activities, and everyday interactions, Clubs reinforce service and selflessness, caring and compassion, honesty and integrity, freedom and fairness, inclusion and diversity, and knowing right from wrong.

Fun, Diverse, and Interesting Experiences

One of the most important principles of the Boys & Girls Club experience is having fun. Along with personal relationships, fun activities bring young people into the Club and keep them coming back. Fun is essential to the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs.