Uncorked for Kids

Event Details

Participants must purchase individual tickets online and register their team of 1-3 people. Each team brings three bottles of the same wine. Two of these bottles will go into the blind taste-test and one bottle will be added to the “jackpot.”

Guests spend the evening tasting different wines and will vote on their favorites. We'll have heavy appetizers and music entertainment too! At the end of the night, votes are tallied and the top teams receive divided portions of the jackpot!

We're offering a special early bird check-in for teams who wish to drop off their wine prior to the event. We'll show our appreciation by giving your team VIP bracelets that will allow you a full glass of a very special VIP wine! Not to mention, you'll breeze right through the registration table! If you choose early birds, we'll send you an email with delivery instructions.

All proceeds will support our Boys & Girls Club. Everything we do at Club is focused on helping our members achieve success in life. Our goal is to offer the key ingredients in creating a dynamic Club setting: a structured environment, a strong sense of belonging, meaningful relationships, high expectations, and recognition for accomplishments.

Stay tuned for details on our 2017 Uncorked for Kids event!

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